Academic Articles Writing Guide (Spanish only)

March, 2021

Published by: The Peruvian Army Center of Strategic Studies

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Academic Articles Writing Guide (Spanish only)

This publication provides details on the composition and design requirements of the documents to be considered for publication on the different CEEEP platforms.

This guide has been formulated for academic purposes to guide and facilitate the writing of research and analysis articles for those interested in publishing in the CEEEP; mainly, for those members of the Army who must formulate academic articles during the development of the programs in the different educational entities of the Institution. However, it can also be used by anyone who wishes to conduct an analysis or research, as well as share the results of their work with the national and international academic community.

Likewise, we clarify that this guide has not been formulated with any profit or commercial purpose, only with the purpose of facilitating the work of all those interested in carrying out analysis and research on security and defense issues.