Our mission

Carry out strategic analysis and research related to Security and Defense that contribute to decision-making and solving problems faced by the Army, the Defense Sector, the country and the region.

Our vision

By 2034, to be a Center for strategic thinking positioned as a benchmark in the field of Security and Defense nationally and internationally.

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Our team


Paul Eduardo Vera Delzo​​

Colonel of the Peruvian Army
Director of the CEEEP


Department of
Strategic Alliances

Reynaldo Muñoz Bastidas

Colonel of the Peruvian Army

Department of Strategic
Research and Analysis

Jaime Rodríguez Simón

Colonel of the Peruvian Army

Department of Communications and Institutional Image

Geraldine Bueno Vásquez

Captain of the Peruvian Army

Administrative Section

Gregory Yabar Soto

Major of the Peruvian Army

International Analyst

Juan Carlos Aristizabal González

Colonel of the Colombian National Army


Dr. Farid Kahhat

Ad honorem



Dr. Evan Ellis

Ad honorem



Mgtr. Clemente Rodriguez



Julio Alberto Rincón Effio


Claudia Iwasaki Jiménez Veiga


César Miranda


COL Paul Vera Delzo (Director)


COL Reynaldo Muñoz Bastidas (Deputy Director)

Advisory Committee

MAJ (AR) Jorge Sunico Roel (Head)

Department of Analysis and Strategic Research

COL Jaime Rodríguez Simón (Head/Analyst)

Dr. Farid Kahhat (Senior Analyst – Ad honorem)

Dr. Evan Ellis (Senior Analyst – Ad honorem)

MA. Francisco Clemente Rodriguez Urbina (Analyst-Researcher)

COL Juan Carlos Aristizabal González (International Analyst)

LTC Julio Santa Cruz Zavaleta (Analyst)

MAJ Erick Butrón Solís (Analyst)

MA. Julio Alberto Rincón Effio (Editor)

BA. Claudia Iwasaki Jiménez Veiga (Translator and interpreter)

COL (retd.) Hugo Bernabé Moreno (Publications Coordinator)

MAJ Jefree Vásquez Gallegos (Head of the Publications Section)

So2 EP Lenny Guerrero Correa (Coordinator)  

Department of Strategic Alliances

COL Reynaldo Muñoz Bastidas (Head)

CPT Yesenia Leyva Cutipa (Head of the Agreements Section) 

Tco1 Miguel Carranza Alfaro (Coordinator)

Department of Communications and Institutional Image

CPT Geraldine Bueno Vásquez (Head)

CPT Rodi Velazco Puyo (Head of the Offline Section)

LT María Farías Alvarado (Head of the Online Section)

Tco3 José Juárez Sánchez (Multimedia Editor)

César Miranda (Webmaster)

LTC Richard Villanueva Apuela (“Enfoque Estratégico” Presenter)*

MAJ Mirko Esteves Nicolich (“Enfoque Estratégico” Editor)*

MAJ (AR) Gonzalo Iwasaki Cauti (“Pensamiento Estratégico” Editor)*

Administrative Section

MAJ Gregory Yabar Soto (Head)

Tco1 Roberto García Vásquez (Logistics Section) 

Tco1Eusebio Alfaro Pujaico (Personnel Section) 

Tco2 Juan López Urbano (Security Section) 

So2 Melissa Llontop Miñope de Ballona (Assistant) 

(*) Collaborator

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Our history

In 2018, the Peruvian Army identified the need to have a study center that -through scientific research- would allow the development of strategic thinking on Security and Defense issues to contribute to decision-making and the solution of problems they face. the Army, the Defense Sector, the country and the region.

Thus, through the Resolution of the General Command of the Army No. 735 CGE of August 27, 2018, the implementation of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Army of Peru (CEEEP) was established as a decentralized body of the Education and Doctrine Command of the Peruvian Army. Army (COEDE).

After a period of implementation, with Ministerial Resolution No. 0138-2022-DE of March 10, 2022, it was resolved to create the CEEEP as an organic unit of the third organizational level dependent on the COEDE. Subsequently, through Resolution of the General Command of the Army No. 160-CGE/DIPLANE of March 18, 2022, the administrative reassignment of the CEEEP to the General Staff of the Army was ordered.

Currently, CEEEP has a team of analysts and a wide network of external collaborators. Likewise, it is associated with prestigious national and international academic institutions.

Directors Gallery


Crl. Francisco Costa Gallegos

2019 – 2020

Crl. Ivan Rojas Rodríguez

2019 – 2020
2021 –

Crl. Paul Vera Delzo

2021 –