As mentioned, the CEEEP -as Peruvian Army’s think tank- carries out strategic analysis and research related to Security and Defense that contribute to decision-making and the solution of problems faced by the Army, the Defense Sector, the country, and the region. For this, it is necessary to have research areas that group the required study topics and guide the academic works developed by the CEEEP and its collaborators.

In this sense, the CEEEP has four research areas that bring together a series of topics typical of the strategic environment in which the Army, as part of the military instrument of national power, operates:

• Strategic Assessment

This area encompasses the analysis of national, regional and transregional challenges and threats, as well as cooperation with partners for the development of joint, multisectoral, inter-institutional, inter-governmental and multinational military operations and actions, including civil-military relations.

• Strategic Anticipation

This area of research tries to anticipate the change that occurs in the strategic environment, including disruptions and innovations. Consequently, topics related to geopolitics, geoeconomics, technological development and social change are analyzed and investigated.

• Strategic Art and Land Power

This area of research deals with the spectrum of conflict, the use of land power in joint and multinational campaigns, as well as the war itself.

• Strategic Leadership and Institutional Management

This area of research supports the development of Army capabilities to address the problems of the other three areas and to fulfill the strategic roles assigned by the Peruvian State. The institutional transformation process, including ethics and the military profession, the development of strategic leaders, the change in organizational culture, as well as the development and management of human talent, among others, define this area.