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Emerging Global Crises

By Oscar Luis Calle Pérez, Manolo Eduardo Villagra, Francisco Clemente Rodríguez Urbina and Luis Alex Alzamora de los Godos Urcia. This is a Peruvian Army Center for Strategic Studies (CEEEP) publication.
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The CEEEP conducts research related to security and defense, the results of which constitute a valuable tool for the strategic planning process that is executed not only in the Army but also in the Defense Sector, in the country and even in the region, taking into account the common challenges and threats faced.

For this, the CEEEP has a group of renowned analysts and collaborators who, forming interdisciplinary workgroups, carry out research on relevant issues for national and international security and defense.

In this sense, the following Research Projects to be carried out in the 2021-2022 period have been identified:

Research area: Strategic Evaluation

1. Strategic Environment 2021

  • Global context in 2021
  • Strategic dilemmas and challenges in Latin America
  • Current challenges for National Security and Defense

Research area: Strategic Anticipation

2. Geopolitical Trends to 2034

  • Physical factor
  • Human factor
  • Sociopolitical factor
  • Military factor

3. Operational Environment 2034

  • Characteristics of the operational environment 2034
  • Operational contexts of action of the Armed Forces
  • Change needs in the Armed Forces for its adaptation to the operational environment 2034

Research area: Strategic Art and Land Power

4. Military Strategy and Land Power

  • Evolution of military strategy
  • Theory of land power
  • Land power in joint and multinational campaigns

Research area: Strategic Leadership and Institutional Management

5. Strategic Leadership: Challenges to 2034

  • The role of the strategic leader in changing organizational culture
  • The strategic leader and institutional transformation
  • Development of strategic leaders