CEEEP, as the Army’s think tank, conducts strategic analysis and research related to Security, Defense and the Military Profession that facilitate institutional strategic management and the decision-making process of the Army General Commander and his General Staff, promoting strategic thinking and the exchange of ideas with various actors in broader society and the national and international academic community.

Additionally, the Center fulfils three important functions:

Carrying out pure and applied analysis and research on issues related to Security and Defense, including those Key Strategic Issues identified by the Army, which provide solutions and innovative ideas to complex problems faced by the Army, the Defense Sector, the country and the region.

Fostering relationships and the exchange of ideas with various actors from academia and civil society, through the development of academic activities (research papers, seminars, conferences, and workshops among others) that seek reflection and debate on topics related to Security and Defense.

Promoting knowledge management and the development of strategic thinking among the members of the institution, facilitating the generation of solutions to the challenges that impact the development of the Army.

For this, the CEEEP has a select group of professionals, specialists in different areas, who -with effort and commitment- seek to optimize the work of the Center and position it as a benchmark in the field of Security and Defense both nationally and internationally.