On behalf of the work team of the Peruvian Army Center for Strategic Studies (CEEEP), I give you the warmest welcome to our website, dedicated to promoting strategic thinking on security and defense issues.

The CEEEP is the Peruvian Army’s think tank and the first of the Defense Sector; therefore, it carries out strategic analysis and research related to security and defense that contribute to decision-making and problem solving in the Army, the Defense Sector, the country and the region. To this end, the CEEEP has four research areas that bring together a series of themes typical of the strategic environment in which the Army, as part of the military instrument of national power, operates.

In this sense, the Center fulfills two important roles. The first seeks, through analysis and strategic research, to provide ideas to facilitate and optimize high-level decision-making; while the second, of equal importance, aims to foster relationships with various actors from academia, government and civil society.

Aware of these important functions, the CEEEP has undertaken an optimization process that allows it to develop capabilities and position itself as one of the main centers of thought on security and defense issues in the region. The relocation of the Center’s facilities, the internationalization of its website (with information in both Spanish and English), the determination and description of the Research Areas, the formulation of the List of Key Strategic Themes of the Army, the publication of the Academic Articles Writing Guide, the organization and support for the preparation of academic articles by Army Officers (mainly, those who study at the Center for Higher National Studies and at the Army War College), the formation of investigation teams made up of Army Reserve Officers, the preparation and dissemination of articles, videos and podcasts on relevant topics, the organization and development of national and international seminars and conferences, as well as the signing of cooperation agreements with prestigious academic institutions are some examples of the efforts undertaken.

Finally, I want to thank you for visiting us and sharing your comments and suggestions; Likewise, I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us through social networks.


Jorge Luis Ramos Agama

Jorge Luis Ramos Agama

Colonel, Peruvian Army
Director of the CEEEP